Services We Provide

A01Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the analysis of information contained within and created with computer systems and computing devices for the purpose of performing a root cause analysis on a computer system to find out who is responsible for misuse of computer systems, or perhaps who committed a crime using a computer system or against a computer system.

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B02Mobile Forensics
Mobile Forensics

Mobile phone forensics is a type of electronic data gathering for legal evidence purposes.This is a another method for investigators to gather criminal evidence from a trail of digital data, which is often difficult to delete. Extraction of deleted mobile phone files used as criminal evidence is the primary work of mobile phone forensics investigators.

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C03Social Networking Analysis and Cloud acquisition
Social Networking Analysis and Cloud acquisition

Social Networking Analysis (SNA) is an in depth relationship mapping of relationship of entities in the world wide web and social networking media. Our SNA analysis are capable to search for anonymous users links.Forensic acquisition of web and social medias content are done for defamatory contents along with SNA.

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D04Cybercrime & Threat Intelligence Solution
Cybercrime & Threat Intelligence Solution

Cybercrime & Threat Intelligence Solution provides an efficient and reliable single point of Advanced Malware Detection in order to mitigate cybercrime threats based on security events and intelligence feeds. OGITFS work closely with Intelligence service provider and provide below advisories.

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E05Media Degaussing & Destroyer Services
Media Degaussing & Destroyer Services

OGITFS is first degaussing service provider in Malaysia with loner access mode for customers. Our ProDevice degausser is high quality brand of machine for data removal from magnetic media. Degaussing is a good way for safe data removal from magnetic media. Media are exposed to magnetic impulse, which destroys all records from media magnetic layer. Degaussing is effective, even for those that are not efficient.

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F06Live Security Incident Response
Live Security Incident Response

Incident Response is a set of procedures for an investigator to examine a computer security incident. This process involves figuring out what has happened and preserving information related to those events. A live security response is conducted when a computer system is still powered on and running. This means that the information contained in these areas must be collected without impacting the data on the compromised device.

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G07Forensic Accountant Engagement
Forensic Accountant Engagement

We have vast experience of working with known forensic accountants in this region mainly supporting the analysis for forensic accountants and the work of forensic accountants.

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H08Digital Evidence Preparation - Litigation Support
Digital Evidence Preparation - Litigation Support

OGITFS is a recognized leader of comprehensive litigation support services that includes motion drafts and briefs, legal research, and e-discovery support. Drawing upon a wide range of resources and multidisciplinary experience, we help clients manage large and small litigation efforts; improve regulatory and litigation compliance; and outsource with confidence, especially in the federal litigation arena.

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I09Digital Forensics Academic Program & Training
Digital Forensics Academic Program & Training

OGITFS are authorized consultant and provider to provide Academic Programs for students and it is designed to provide students with real-world knowledge of the technology most commonly used in their chosen discipline upon completing their programs.

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J10Digital Forensic Lab Hardware Provider
Digital Forensic Lab Hardware Provider

OGITFS provide consultancy and best recommendation for an organization’s security incident management and digital forensic lab including Malware Analysis

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K11Digital Forensic Solutions & Tool Provider (Enterprise, Commercial & Law Enforcement)
Digital Forensic Solutions & Tool Provider

OG IT Forensic is a reseller for industry leading digital forensic tools in the world.

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