Live Security Incident Response

Incident Response is a set of procedures for an investigator to examine a computer security incident. This process involves figuring out what has happened and preserving information related to those events. A live security response is conducted when a computer system is still powered on and running. This means that the information contained in these areas must be collected without impacting the data on the compromised device.

In the event of any attackers/intrusion (Cyber crime/digital crimes) happen, OGITFS provide in depth security incident investigation :

  • Developing a security incident response plan
  • Real time LIVE Security incident response approach :
  •       ✔   Identification Of Security Incident
          ✔   Containment Of A Security Incident
          ✔   Eradication of the security incident
          ✔   Recovery of the security incident
          ✔   Recommendation for improvement
  • Reporting of LIVE Security Incident
  • Mentor and established Security Incident Response team for an organization